May 2014

In Velvet virtual tour

This month, I’d like to invite you to follow my blog tour, for In Velvet. Go to the links below and you’ll find reviews, interviews and giveaways.

We launched In Velvet at the corner bookstore on May 13th. It was a great event and we’re off to a good start. I’ll keep you posted.


Here's the tour:

New Link! Under My Apple Tree (@undermyappletre)
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Review and giveaway of 3 Print Copies of In Velvet on May 8:­giveaway­in­velvet­by­burt­weissbour

“Set in the vivid northwest landscape within the beauty of Yellowstone Park, In Velvet combines nature and science into a suspenseful thriller with non­stop action, an engaging mystery, and a hint of romance.”
New Link! Shut Up and Read (@SheriFeikert)
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Spotlight Feature on May 8:­velvet­novel­by­burt­weissbourd.html
New Link! Hezzi­D Books and Cooks (@HezziD)
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Spotlight Feature and Giveaway on May 9: http://hezzi­­burt­weissbourd.html
New Link! Sarah Aisling (@SarahAisling)
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Review on May 10:­2/review­velvet­burt­weissbourd/
“This heart­pounding thriller will string you along and bring you right to the edge before reaching a most satisfactory conclusion. If this were a movie, it’s the type that would have me walking out
of the theater only able to say, ‘Wow!’ I look forward to reading more from Mr. Weissbourd.”
New Link! Spines and Covers (@spinesandcovers)
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Review on May 11:­burt­weissbourd­blog­tour­review/
“Wrote in multiple perspectives involving complex characters and subplots, In Velvet reminds me of Stephen King’s writing because of the gory details and complexity within the characters. I think that the author did a fantastic job at giving each character their own voice.”
New Links! Dab of Darkness (@nrlymrtl)
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Interview on May 11:­burt­weissbourd­author­of­in­velvet/ Review and Giveaway on May 11:­velvet­by­burt­weissbourd/
“This book had a lot of interesting characters. I also enjoyed the setting – watching these folks traipse around in small towns, rural areas, and out and out wilderness. Some were equipped for it, others were not. Rachel’s character was probably the most interesting for me as she is a biologist (same as me) and I instantly related to her.”
Live To Read (@Icecream1891)
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Review on May 12: http://livetoread­ *Late to posting. JKS followed up for link.

New Links! OmniMystery (@mysteries)
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Interview on May 12:­conversation­with­novelist­burt­weissbourd­14051 20800.html#.U3EVVq1dVeQ
New Link! Therian (@roxykade)
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Interview on May 15:­author­interview­in­velvet­by.html Review on May 16:
For the Love of Books
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Review on May 16: *Late to posting. JKS followed up for link.
New Link! Little Miss BookMark (@LilMissBookmark)
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Review on May 17:­in­velvet­by­burt­weissbourd.html “Intriguing and terribly frightening. To think that something like this could happen is sad and I truly hope that it never does.”
New Link! C Mash Loves to Read (@CherylMash)
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Interview on May 18:­velvet­by­burt­weissbourd­showcase­giveaway/
New Link! Celtic Lady’s Reviews (@CelticLady1953)
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Review on May 19:­velvet­by­burt­weissbourd­book.html
“A Fast­paced, character driven novel that could actually happen, green and corruption abounds amongst some of the characters. A great thriller for the person who enjoys a story who’s characters are tough and gritty, no sugar coated people in this book! I enjoyed it immensely!”
New Link! Like a Bump on a Blog (@amberrisme)
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Reveal and Excerpt on May 19:­book­tour­velvet­coverreveal­excerpt­samijolien­ burtweissbourd/

Books are Love
Review on May 20: http://hello­
New Link! Manic Readers (@ManicReaders)
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Review and Giveaway and Author Interview on May 20:­of­in­velvet­by­burt­weissbourd­with­giv eaway/
“ IN VELVET hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until the last page. Each chapter has sections focusing on different characters and their actions moving the story and events at a rapid pace. Once started it’s best to strap on your seatbelt and make sure you have time to enjoy this astute high octane ride. IN VELVET left me breathless, a bit contemplative, and completely satisfied. Beneath the action packed thrill ride IN VELVET was about the consequences of actions, decisions, and the manipulation and exploitation of Nature for all the wrong reasons. Nature has a way of getting her own back. Secondly it’s about forgiveness because without it there’s no moving on or growth. And last but not least, second chances, because most, though not all, people are worth a second chance.“
Goodreads User Julie
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Review in May:­julie
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I hope you enjoyed the tour.